SEO Process

Step by Step SEO

So you have a new website and not getting any traffic? Well, you wouldn’t until you make Google happy. Considering the website is very new with no backlink history or organic traffic, SEO has to be done carefully….

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Everything you need to know

What Is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing has many descriptions, yet all have exactly the exact same significance. Online affiliate marketing can be a massive business piece online. It’s a concerted effort between merchants and an affiliate web site….

facebook users

No Face to Face but on Facebook

Preface Despite many competitors in the social networking space, Facebook attracts enormous numbers of users and it has certainly changed the way we connect with our friends, family and co-workers. As the name of the book “No face-to-face…

European football clubs

An independent ranking system for European football clubs

Purpose “Knowing your destination is half the journey”. – An old proverb This proposal has been prepared in year 2011 with the interest of finding commercial suitability of the usage of the independent ranking system of European football…

What You Want In Life

How To Determine What You Want In Life

What should you actually desire in your life? Many People Don’t find the Things That They desire in lifestyle Until it is time for you to expire — which is a pity. Many Men and Women invest the…

30 ways to invest in yourself to get ahead

While people say that you have to diversify your investment but I would say: it is you that is the most important investment you could make. Of course YOU are not as same as the financial portfolio but…

How to run a startup like Moneyball and do more with less

Starting and running a business especially a startup is never easy because you have to manage everything with limited resources and keep going until it is generating revenue and self-sufficient without eating your personal savings. This is the…