30 ways to invest in yourself to get ahead

While people say that you have to diversify your investment but I would say: it is you that is the most important investment you could make.

Of course YOU are not as same as the financial portfolio but studies show that if you want to maximize potential for money and life then it is the best long term investment strategy.

It’s a long game but worth every penny you invest. Here are the 25 different ways to invest in yourself.

  1. Start a new hobby
  2. Learn more skills
  3. Do regular exercise
  4. Practice meditation
  5. Learn things online
  6. Eat healthier
  7. Learn to Cook
  8. Don’t worry about opinions
  9. Join the 5am club – wake up early
  10. Travel more
  11. Love nature
  12. Invest money wisely
  13. Stop to win approval
  14. Take notes
  15. Stick to routine
  16. Listen to successful people’s advice
  17. Save your hard earned money
  18. Read books
  19. Make a plan for short and long term
  20. Quit alcohol
  21. Quit smoking
  22. Get involved in family
  23. Choose your friends wisely and get rid of toxic friends
  24. Manage your time better
  25. Forgive others
  26. Set goals – Plan your day, week and month
  27. Challenge yourself daily
  28. Find a mentor
  29. Learn a language
  30. Start that business which you ever wanted to

It’s about motivating yourself to do better and get ahead. If you have any other ideas that you think can be included here then let me know in the comment section.

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