zepr token airdrop

Get your FREE $ZPR tokens now. ZPER: Decentralized peer-to-peer finance.

The $ZPR Airdrop is here

ZPER is offering an airdrop to select EARN FREE ZPER Tokens users. Each user can earn 3 ZPR tokens per day until April 30th 2018 by completing the following task. The tokens will be airdropped after the token sale, prior to June 15th 2018.

About ZPER

The emergence and development of blockchain technology has been undermining powers of centralized service platforms in a wide range of areas regardless of country and industry. Finance is a sector desperately in need of innovation, as are many existing industries. It has been greatly conservative for a long time, facing limitations in many countries by laws and regulations that continuously hinder the industry’s potential for revolutionary development.

ZPER is an ecosystem for decentralized P2P finance built upon blockchain technology. We aim to create a new, efficient financial environment that transcends borders and currencies. Through active cooperation between top established pioneering corporations in the field of P2P finance, we offer innovative ways to transfer funds on a global scale.

zepr airdrop

The ZPR token is a means of value exchanges that all participants of the ecosystem will use. It is used as a currency in all transactions, including investments for P2P loans, reimbursement of mature loans, rewards for data providers, and commissions for NPL purchasers. Transactions will be kept transparent and independent from currencies and boundaries by the use of ZPR.


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