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Get your share of the $2.2 trillion API economy with AIKON’s new ORE Protocol

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We are inviting users to join our community and want to welcome you among the first users of our network.

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AIKON is providing complete, open-source API rights management solution and an API marketplace on the blockchain. We do this in the following ways:

API Monetization

Get paid fairly for your code. The ORE Protocol makes pay-as-you-go transactions possible for low fees. No banks, no credit cards and no foreign exchange fees.

Blockchain Security

Stop storing personal identifiable information. ORE Protocol provides security with less overhead — no access control lists to secure and manage.

Stable Payment

Set it and forget it. ORE Protocol protects developers from the volatility of global currencies, providing API buyers and sell

API Chaining

Chain APIs together without losing scalability or security. Easily combine APIs while still ensuring payments are instant and fair for each developer.

Reduce Startup Costs

No attorneys, no accountants and no sales team necessary. The ORE Protocol provides complete, open-source API Rights Management in elegant and efficient code.

Easy install

One line javascript install using our Node.js library. Get up and running with the benefits of the blockchain and Smart Contracts without learning Solidity.

Learn more about AIKON here:



Learn more about AIKON:



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