How to run a startup like Moneyball and do more with less

Starting and running a business especially a startup is never easy because you have to manage everything with limited resources and keep going until it is generating revenue and self-sufficient without eating your personal savings.

This is the story of most of the startups (early-stage businesses), when we have everything less. Less resources, less funds, less people and probably less credibility. But that should not stop a startup from doing more with less.

At the start of the movie Moneyball, Billy Beane – General Manager of Oakland A’s (played by Brad Pitt) is talking to the team owner Schott to get him more money (that’s exactly the situation when any startup is starting out).

Billy: I can’t compete against a hundred and twenty million payroll with thirty eight million dollars.

Schott: We’re not gonna compete with these teams that have big budgets. We’re gonna work with the constraints that we have and you’re gonna get out and do the best job that you can recruiting new players. We’re not gonna pay seventeen million dollars a year to players.

Later, Billy sets his goal.

Billy: That’s my bar. My bar is here. My bar is to take this team to the championship.

That is exactly the startup has to think. Startup or small business or early stage business is a completely different ball game.

Startups don’t have big advertisement budget like big businesses have, they don’t even have so many customers but what they can have is a big vision.

As entrepreneurs we are creating a world that doesn’t exists. We are building a business, a platform, a team for tomorrow believing that it will change the world in a certain way.

And that is good to be true, because “WORLD DOES NEED PEOPLE WHO CAN CHANGE THINGS”.

Ok, now we know that world needs a change but how can we bring a change? With a vision? Yes but to execute a vision you need a team of great people.

In one of the scenes Peter explains the innovative and remarkably different way of analysing data and value of players. With the implementation in the system Peter developed, Billy Beane’s Oackland A’s won 20 consecutive games setting the American League record.

I would like to quote my favourite line from the movie to all the startups around the world.

Everybody, listen up! You may not look like a winning team, but you are one. So, play like one tonight.  – Billy Beane

And it comes down to becoming a master of leverage and doing more with less. So keep believing and working on your idea of changing something that is not right in the world.

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How about you? What is that you are trying to fix that doesn’t seem right in the world? Any favourite quote from the movie Moneyball that you like to share in a comment? Would love to hear from you.

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