How to start a blog for less than $1 a month?

Yes, you heard it right.

This blog will show you step by step instructions of starting a blog for less than $1 a month. Well actually it is 99c a month.

Incredible, right?

I want to share with you how to create the perfect blog.

I am not here to suggest what you should write because that’s totally up to you to decide and I believe you might have already figured that out since you are reading such a blog on “how to create a blog”.

Before you start thinking about how to make money using the blog and how to generate free traffic to your blog, it is important to get the basics right and setup a blog.

Choose a domain name

This can confuse you if you are not sure what domain name to pick. Domain name is your identify on the web so either you can select your personal name (like I did) or general topic based name. You can pick any name of your choice and an extension such as .com, .net, .me etc.

For ex. I wanted to start a blog using my personal name “divyeshamipara” so I picked “” since it was available.

There are tons of domain name registrar available but I recommend 1&1 because they have special offer for new customers to register a domain name for 99c / year. It is better to secure your desired domain name before someone else does it.

Click on below image link, register your domain name and start the journey as a blogger or writer.


Choose a web hosting

Once, you have purchased a domain name (I am sure you did) then it is time to host a domain with web hosting so your blog will be seen on internet.

I highly recommend 1and1 hosting which comes with next level performance, next level speed and next level security all for 99c a month (yes, that’s right less than a $1 / month).

The web hosting package details are as follows.

Click on the below image link to get the cheap web hosting and start your blog.

Choose a platform for your blog

There is no way you can start a blog without a blogging software.

And, you will find tons of blogging software including Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, Joomla, Typepad etc. but what I recommend is using WordPress because it is freely available and you can self-host it on your hosting for a blog. The amazing fact is that WordPress has 59% of the market share ahead of many tini tiny blogging software and CMS (Content Management System).



Install a WordPress – On your domain

WordPress is free, user-friendly and powerful blogging platform and that’s the reason I use it for my own blog and also recommend it to you.

Once you get your domain and hosting account simply login to your control panel at below link.

After login, go to hosting in App center and click WordPress.


Now, install WordPress and follow on-screen instructions.


Once, installed WordPress application is ready to use. You can then go to your domain and see how it looks at the first and then customise it to add more posts, categories etc.


Choose a WordPress theme

It may not have a great look once you installed a WordPress. There will be a default theme and it may not be the same you wanted.

I have searched many free WordPress themes and finally found the once I like the most. It is called “Today” by WPExplorer. If you don’t like this theme then go to their website and choose one of the 15 Free Themes. So easy. This way, even theme is not costing you any money.

However, if you feel fancy having attractive and outstanding theme for your blog/website then why not go to themeforest and see their more than 10,000 WordPress themes to pick the one you like the most. Click on the any of the images to see their beautiful themes and start your new website with a bang.

It is very easy to change the theme of your website/blog but first you need to login to your WordPress admin by going to “”.


Once, logged in you will see the dashboard for the first time and it may look little scary but it is not a big deal. You will be expert in no time.


By default, WordPress will be installed with the basic theme but it is easy to change the theme based on your preference.

To change the theme go to Dashboard->Appearance->Themes


You can search free themes available on WordPress by clicking “Add New” button.


Based on your design preference and taste you could filter to show only themes related to “Grid Layout, Custom Header and Blog category”.


You will see more than 200 amazing and beautiful themes available to you from me (just kidding) absolutely free.


If you click on any theme’s thumbnail, you get to see it in action with an instant preview. Once, you like any of these themes then you can simply “install” it, “activate” it and you are all set for a fresh new blog.


There are chances that you may not like the look and feel of the free themes then not to worry. We have got it covered. You can easily find premium high quality and attractive themes from below websites that I recommend.


Elegant Themes


Thrives Themes


Customize your WordPress blog

It may seem that there are plenty of customization to be done on your WordPress blog but we will focus on the most important ones.

Go to “Appearance->Themes->Your Installed Theme” and then click “Customise


You will be able to customise following items (which may vary for different theme).


Now let’s move to important part the “Plugins”. Go to Plugins->Add New. Look for below plugins, install them and activate them to make your blog powerful than before. Each plugin is useful in certain way. For ex. Yoast SEO will help you improve WordPress SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Other plugins I recommend are Akismet Anti-Spam (the best way to protect your blog from spam), BackUpWordPress (Simple automated backups of your WordPress powered website), Really Simple SSL (make your site SSL proof).


Next part is to configure each and every plugin. Go to “Plugins->Installed Plugins” and do setup from settings for each one of them.

Let’s do some general settings…


Another important setting is to setup permalinks. It creates static website links that will go to particular blog post or page.


I prefer the post link to be visible like this but you can decide how you want your blog post links to be shown on the browser address bar and setup it up accordingly.

Let the writer in you come out and do some magic…

I believe you may have already figured out what you are going to write for your website. If so, let’s create your first post.

Oh, I forgot to mention above that you will need to decide on which topics you will be writing and then create category and set them as header menu so all your blogs will be categorised properly.


Because WordPress has a built-in editor, you will be able to create new posts easily without worrying about formatting.

It’s time to create your first WordPress blog post. Click on “Posts->Add New”.


WordPress editor will let you add other media such as photos, video inside the posts. You can easily add links, tags to the post. Last thing you would do is to make the post more SEO friendly which can be done via Yoast SEO plugin you just installed.

After, you have completed your blog post then you can publish it. Your first post is ready to be shared with your friend. The next level will be to “monetise your blog” which I will show you in another post.

So, what are you going to write in your first blog post?

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  1. Kyla

    Thanks so much for mentioning (and using) the Today theme! We’re so glad you like it 🙂 Great article on how to get started with WordPress as well – we 100% agree that WordPress is the best way to build a blog and your guide does an excellent job of showing how accessible it is even for people with little to no budget.

    • amiparad

      You are welcome Kyla. I am just trying to share my knowledge and WPEXplorer theme was great fit for the article and my blog so had to mention it. Glad you like it.

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