AIKON Airdrop

Get your share of the $2.2 trillion API economy with AIKON’s new ORE Protocol

The AIKON Airdrop is here We are inviting users to join our community and want to welcome you among the first users of our network. About AIKON AIKON is providing complete, open-source API rights management solution and an…

How to create Ethereum wallet address using Ethereum Mist Wallet (EMW)?

The Ethereum Wallet is a gateway to decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain. It allows you to hold and secure Ether (ETH) and other crypto assets built on Ethereum, as well as write, deploy and use smart contracts….

How to create Ethereum wallet address using MyEtherWallet (MEW)?

There are more than 1000 different Crypto-Currencies are in circulation in the market but only a few are leading the way. By the look of the race, it looks like a two horse’s game lead by Bitcoin and…